Finding Something Good

By: Cathy Korpi

Finding Something Good

Tags: Kindness, Gratitude, Acts of Generosity

Everything seems to be going so fast and so slow at the same time!  Do you know what I mean? 
It feels like every day as we are updated about the reality and the state of the pandemic that has spread, that everything is changing so fast.....and yet, it seems to be taking so long for so many long for this to pass, so long for many to get the answers or help they need etc.  During this time as we are all practicing self isolation, and hopefully with the exception of those who must go out to work or must go out for supplies, we are ALL practicing it....we are now alone with our minds and that allows us to see how anxious we are, what our fears are and what our coping skills are made of.  This is when we learn a lot about ourselves!  I have found that when anxiety starts to take it's grip on me, it helps to find something to be grateful for.  In fact back in January before we were all directly impacted by Covid-19 here in Ontario, I bought a small gratitude journal and started writing in it every day.  At first I thought I had to write a whole paragraph and then I realized I could just write one thing, one single thing that I am thankful for an then I could focus on it.  It is incredible how much that positively affected so many aspects of my daily life!  Never has that been more important than it is now.  There are many out there I know who would struggle to find something to be grateful for!  That saddens me more than I could put into words because I beleive that everyone can find something to be thankful for.  This morning I was watching Live with Kelly & Ryan as I was doing some stuff around the house and the singer Jewel was on.  She said something so powerful and it really stuck with me.  She was referring to home schooling kids and the stresses involved and she said, "It's going to be OK, it really is, but it is the mood in our home that the kids will remember" and she was referring to the fact that we may not be able to change the circumstances right now or get all those lessons done but we can control how we deal with it.  I think that relates to all of us no matter whether we are home schooling or trying to figure out how to keep our businesses alive enough to be viable when the pandemic is over or worrying about if a job will be there when businesses re-open or like me worrying about if your elderly father and step mother & other relatives are ok or your young adult kids and grand kids are healthy and that they all have the food they need.  Call me crazy but I wish my kids were little and I could be stuck in the house with them driving me crazy because at least I would feel like I could protect them.  For me, and I hope for you, I am choosing to be optimistic and thankful.  I am not saying that I don't have fear or anxieties or my moments, but I am choosing hope!   As I was writing this I started listing all the things and the people that I am thankful for but I deleted it and decded instead to offer this for your consideration.  During this time where we feel like we have little control, decide to control what you can!  That is you think and how you act!

  1. Keep a normale schedule; for sleep, for work (at home), for time with the kids, etc
  2. Check in once or twice a day to get important updates but don't live in the news, it can overwhelm you.  It is important to stay up to date but don't drown yourself.  Feed your mind more positive than negative.
  3. Use this time to learn something new.  Maybe another language through online learning.  How about that recipe you always wanted to try but did not have time.  Find one of the many free online exercise classes and stay active, this is so good for your body and your mind.  Read a book or re-read a book......don't have one, ask a neighbour or friend or get one online. 
  4. Take some time to sit quietly somewhere, tell everyone you need 15 minutes and not to bother you.  Close your eyes and just breath, slowly and deeply.  Focus on something you love or want.  See yourself on that beach or in a room with everyone you love or whatever it is that brings you joy.  Call it meditation, call it centering, call it quiet positive reflection but take time for you every single day and do this.  Got kids, have them do it too!
  5. Make a list of the things you can do around the house that there never was enough time for and start checking them off (by doing them).  You will enjoy feeling accomplished.
  6. Get outside in your yard as long as it is safe to do so.  Spring clean up, raking, cleaning up leaves or junk etc.  Breath in that fresh air but keep within social distancing guidelines while outside.
  7. Pick up the phone and call your friends and family and tell them you love them & that they matter.  No big plan, no big deal, just say hi and tell them that you are thinking about them.  I can tell you that it makes peoples day, it does mine!
  8. If you can, find a way to conduct acts of generosity and kindness for others.  
  9. Don't be afraid if YOU NEED A BOOST to call a friend and just say, Hi, I just need to hear a friendly voice!
I am using this time to do a lot of stuff personally and professionally that there just never seemed to be enough time for.  I am asking myself, what are the things I wish I had already done?  What are the things that I wish I had the courage to let go of?  I am focusing on what the NEW NORMAL, the BETTER NORMAL will be for me and those I love when this is all over.   I hope that you can do the same. 

I beleive we will all be forever changed and I want the changes in me to be for the better.  I hope that this changes our world for the better, that we are kinder, more patient, less quick to judge.....I hope, I beleive and I have faith.  I refuse to go to the negative...well, truth be told, sometimes we all go to the negative even if I refuse to stay in the negative for more than the seconds, or minutes it takes me to overpower it with faith! 
I wish you "something to beleive in, someone worth fighting for and somewhere to feel loved"!
Be well and safe!